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What Can I Do?

Write, fax, or email your provincial MLA, MP, and/or the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.

  • Tell them that you support MP Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon-Wanuskewin) Private Member's Bill
    C-422, which would direct courts, in regard to divorce, to make equal shared parenting the presumptive arrangement in the best interests of the child, except in proven cases of abuse or neglect.
  • Tell them you believe in rebuttable equal shared parenting as a standard for post-separation child care.
  • Tell them you want to see them fund more resources for fathers, and that the government is responsible for this as they fund resources for mothers and women but not fathers and men.
  • Tell your family and friends to do the same.
  • Six Questions to Ask Your MLA/MP

    (1) We have a Family Court System that orders both child support and access to children for non-custodial parents in the same court order. We have a government directed agency, the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, which enforces child support, yet we have no agency to support non-custodial parents nor any real mechanism or agency to enforce access to children for non-custodial parents. Do you believe that the relationship between parent and child is just as important, if not more so, than the enforcement of child support? Do you support the creation of an agency or a real mechanism to put the relationship between parent and child as paramount?

    (2) The Family Relations Act Review Committee is currently reviewing the FRA and deciding on recommendations for future changes to the legislation. They have publicly stated that they are reluctant to recommend the enforcement of access around non-custodial parent-child access because they are concerned about starting a “gender war” (Stated at a local family bar meeting). Will you support the enforcement of court orders when there is access denial? How would your government, if elected, create legislation, to enforce access to children for non-custodial parents and grandparents?

    (3) The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) is an independent sub-contractor to the Attorney General’s office, an American company and private collection agency, and without reasonable controls or accountability. Many non-custodial parents are hounded UNFAIRLY to the point of bankruptcy, depression, and suicide. Would you be willing to create or support a private members bill to create accountability for the FMEP?

    (4) Funding for mothers and women's programs is approximately $70M annually by the BC Government and funding for father and men’s programs is less than $500,000. Do you support funding for fathers and men? Will you make a commitment to actively lobby for funding and resources for fathers and men whether your party is the governing party or as an opposition MLA? How will you do this?

    (5) Statistics Canada states that domestic violence is perpetrated relatively equally by both men and women. Stats Can says that 7% of women and 6% of men self identify that they have been abused by a partner or former partner in the last 5 years. The website of Martin Fiebert, Ph.D., a researcher at California State University, Long Beach, California also confirms this. You can check out his website at The site contains a bibliography examining 247 scholarly investigations: 188 empirical studies and 59 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 240,000. The feminist lobby is a powerful lobby group in this province and this country. It is particularly influential within the NDP party. Do you support funding for transition houses for abused fathers and men around the province? How will you counter the pressure from the feminist lobby, whether from within your own party or from the outside?

    (6) In keeping with the UN Convention on "The Rights of the Child" ratified in November 1989, do you support the concept of rebuttal shared equal parenting as related to the custody of children in cases of divorce?

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